Vote now for the second BOC Brother eviction

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Housemates have now been informed that there are 4 of them up for eviction this week.

The decision as to who leaves the BB forum is up to the members of tMP (this of course includes the housemates ). So to register your vote use the poll in this thread - as with all polls on tMP currently, the results of this poll are only viewable by the mods. The result of this poll, and therefore who will be evicted from the competition this week, will be announced on Friday morning.




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It should be there - and there have been plenty of votes placed so I guess others can see it - is there nothing there at all?

2nd man down

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All right steady on...blimey, this is peoples lives your messing with..sheesh!

For Sparkling Quavers please now read "Marquis de Sade."


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they better actually be interesting when the results come out or I'm going to be soooooooooo annoyed! And I may have to direct my anger at the Flixton back row.... :evil:


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'Interesting' might not be the right word here, perhaps 'shocking' is a little more accurate! 8)
Voting for this week's eviction will close at 1pm today.

The second 'BB Eviction notice' will be served later on this afternoon.

Who goes? You decide....................... ;)


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