I'm Yvonne and i have been a member of tmp for about almost 7 months - wow! I came across this site by accident really, one day i was crusing the net and the next minute i was knocking on the tmp office door:D. I really enjoy being a member on here because it's like another avenue for communicating with people.

I began learning the cornet when i was 7 years old, it was a SA officer who took me under his wing... 2 years later i began playing in the yp band. When i was 11 i joined the Rochdale Met Youth Band where i remained for about 4 years. I sadly had to give up banding when my oldest daughter was born... but many years later i am back and loving it.
It was my daughter who got me back into banding, as one day when she was in a music class at school and it came into conversation if she knew any cornet players - to which her reply was 'my mum'. I have to thank her for that, and 2 years from that day i am still playing, learning and doing my best.

Yvonne x