Vitae Aeternum - Questions for the SA crowd !!

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Hi All
"Vitae Aeternum" is one of my favourites at the moment , both to play and listen too (PLC is one of my favourite composers).

Just a couple of questions for the Salvationists out there - being ex SA myself I'm familiar with "His Provision" ( one of the melodies used in the middle section) but not the other two tunes - "God Came in Jesus..." and "I will praise you Lord...". I note that these were composed by Dick Krommenhoek and so wonder whether these two choruses are known in the SA in UK , or just in the Netherlands ?

Secondly , PLC's parents are / were officers - given the choice of the tunes in the piece did they have any connection with the SA in the Netherlands ?

Similarly, when i played through the piece last year with one of my bands I wasn't aware of the other two songs used in the piece.

As for the second question, I don't know PLC's mother but do know his father a bit. I am not aware that either have any connection with the SA in the Netherlands. I am certain they did not serve there.


I will praise you Lord was used at this years salvation army's congress at the symphony hall. The ISB also used Vitae that same weekend. The arrangement is very different to how the song goes!


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Following the popularity of "Vitae Aeternum" one of the lesser-known songs, "God came in Jesus to live among us", was included in Volume 15, part 3 of the Salvation Army's vocal series "Sing to the Lord", published last year.