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You're a new fourth section band - never competed before - where would you go for your "first time"? :D

To explain, we restarted our band a short few years ago, and built it up from just 11 players. At this stage we've won our share of local and national contests, but never competed before on the mainland UK. If I was to describe the band I would call it "middling 4th".

Any suggestions on where to go, Associations we should join or who I need to sleep with? :shock: Wales would be very handy, but anywhere really, at any time of the year! If it's not too far from a Regional airport, it's possible!

It'd be the band's first time out in the UK, and will be hammered beyond belief, so a friendly atmosphere with adjacent pubs for the drowning of sorrows would also be an advantage! :lol:

Seriously though, I'd very much appreciate any help you can give, I'm little at a loss on this one! :D

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Not that I know much about this kind of thing and have no idea about any of the paperwork aspect or such like, but how about Pontins?

It's in North Wales, so near to Liverpool and Manchester airport(ish) and there'd definitely be a vast amount of places to drink and certainly a lot of friendly banding faces 8) !


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Hi Despot...

Well... as you mentioned Wales I can give you some interesting contests that are coming up soon and that are close(ish) to an airport.

Coming up shortly after the areas, in South East Wales you have the Ebbw Vale contest which in recent years I think has been both a set test piece contest and an own choice test piece contest. Then sometime around the same time (but on different weekends) either the weekend before but usually the weekend afterwards you have the excellent Weston Super Mare own choice test piece contest. The venue for EV is a boomy leisure centre but the venue for WSM is the Winter Gardens which is especially good for performing.

Both venues have international airports and local amenities close by; Cardiff Wales and Bristol International airports are about 45 mins and 30 mins respectively from each venue.

Also, I'd be happy to give you further details and help you sort the finer details if you are interested in attending either event - just drop a reply, PM or email me.

Good luck!


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i can't imagine what all these people mean... of course if you go to pontins you wont be a virgin band anymore...


TheMusicMan said:
Also, I'd be happy to give you further details and help you sort the finer details if you are interested in attending either event - just drop a reply, PM or email me.

Even just the dates and locations! I don't think we'd get things together that fast, but I might head over over myself to check it out with a mind to 2005!

Thanks again, as an outsider looking in it's this kind of detail that's hard to uncover! :)
Despot said:
Hi David,

Keppler (and John M.?) is playing with them at the Europeans so no doubt he'll dig out the info then! :D

I've just received word that my Brother and Brother-in-Law, both players with City of Waterford Brass may be playing with Arklow too in Glasgow. Hmm.. may have to make the trip to Glasgow....


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