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Small suggestion folks:

Is it possible to include a link to the most recent posts at the bottom of threads/messages as well as the top? Will save some scrolling :)

Also, in a similar vein, when I've got to the most recent posts search list you can only change pages at the bottom. Many times I look at the recent post list, pick off the threads on the first page and as I do so I always return to the list by hitting the view most recent posts link. If I do this whilst looking at the second, third page, etc. I end up back on page 1 (which is fine as there may have been an updated thread I was interested in) but if there isn't an updated thread at the top I want to read I have to scroll down to the bottom to change pages.

Sorry for the long winded explanation and to cap it all, it's not terribly important, just a suggestion for a usability enhancement :D

Cheers, Greg.

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