URGENT-need chord progressions pronto-can YOU help??

Rambo Chick

Hi im just doing my coursework and need the chord progressions for the ever famous Land of Hope and Glory-can u help me?????????
Try searching in a search engine? Have you tried searching for "pomp & Circumstance march no. 1 in D" (heh sorry I'm doing an essay on Elgar as we speak!) but that may work!

Dave Payn

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Hmmmm. I'm just checking to see if reproducing chord progs. of a copyright work constitutes infringement. Not a scenario I've come across in my time at PRS! (I should know the answer, I suppose, but it's flummoxed me!) If it's OK, I'll gladly assist with your query, Rambo!


How about you get the score out of uni library you lazy girl!! :lol:
See, not only do i have time to do a PGCE and banding (and my extra curricular activities) but i can also make sarcastic comments!!!! See you in an hour! :D

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