James McFadyen

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For anyone who has bought or is expecting music from us, we apologise for the delay, we are in the middle of changing paper companies and we have today recieved samples from

Testing will begin imediately and we'll settle on our new standard. Before hand we printed on High Quality Brilliant White paper, 100grm. We are now 'upping' this to much higher grade of paper.

We aplogise for the delay, if you have any queries about your order/delivery, please pm me!


James McFadyen

New Member
After out tests, we arevery confident about these new papers.

The paper we have choosen is a cream silk heavy weight paper. The main draw back is it's very, very expensive!!!

Nothing but the best for our customers! :wink:

Further test are still being carried out at the moment on this paper.

Until further notice, all order are still being printed on our 100grm white paper.

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