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Sounds very tempting!!!
What chance do you think I have of persuading the comittee it would be a good idea??????


I'm not sure which part sounded so tempting, the beer? hearing the North American Bands compete? or the enticement of Little Rock? Perhaps the whole bundle together.
Not sure how to convince your committee, perhaps you could hitch with Grimethorpe (they're playing our gala concert, that's why I excluded them from the offer, it wasn't to be mean.) or I understand there is a Norwegian band coming to compete, you could pop over there and ride with them.
The contest organizers tell us that Delta is offering 10% discounted airfares for the event, so see it's getting more feasible all of the time!


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Still Practising????? yey i can still hear you!!!!!

Well im fine thanx!! How about yourself??????

Im swamped with work and the contest season is starting!!!! But aye things are going well!!!!!

Howz work???? Still slacking?????

Thought so.............hee hee!!!



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Well, Preston's not long off now... Northern Landscapes is coming along nicely. I'm not actually scared of that 3rd movement anymore :D

Looking forward to this one... should be a good laugh!

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