Sold/Expired Uniforms Urgently Required!


Hi all,

I am hoping someone can answer my prayers. My band (Littleborough) is in desperate need of new stage jackets, as while ours would serve very well as walking out jackets do not have the look I'm after for on stage.

I am hoping that out there somewhere someone has an old set (or new set for that matter!) of jackets hanging around a cupboard willing to donate them to a poor,skint 4th section band. Either that or willing to accept a nominal donation to the drinking fund! Either way we cannot pay much (if any) money for them.

If anyone in the North West or nearby can help us please reply to me.


Many thanks,

Matt Bailey, M.D. Littleborough Public Brass Band.


I don't know if we are THAT desperate Aidan! If thwe jackets are the ones i'm thinking of-shivers down the spine!

Seriously, anyone out there without herringbone patterned jackets up for grabs?


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I didn't want to say anything Aidan and ruin a sale! You never know, some bands may like to go on stage looking like Coco the Clown. At least you're jackets made our white ones look good!

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