Uncommon Mouthpiece?

Derek Thorpe

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I discovered this uncommon Vintage Silver Plated Mouthpiece in a Job lot of Auction Brass Instrument Parts. What is unusual for me is the 'insert' in the Rim. I have set out below the Dims etc as best I am able to with several photos attached - - if anyone can throw any light on its origin or use I would be grateful - thank you.
Silver Plated Mouthpiece with Rim ‘Insert’

Insert Material – Mother of Pearl?????

Overall Length – 58 mm

Cup Diameter – circa 16.2 mm

Overall Rim Width – circa 5 mm

Rim Insert Width circa 4 mm.

Insert Thickness – circa 1.5 mm

Throat – circa 4.5 mm

Shank Length – 26 mm

Shank Max Diameter – 10.5 mm

Shank Min Diameter – external 8.5 mm

Shank Min Diameter – internal 6.5 mm

No Maker’s Name or engravings



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I've seen old Conn pieces with red rubber on the rim, but those were always marked.

Never seen MOP used for allergy purposes and at any rate chops would still contact the metal on the outer rim?

It's curious but without makers markings it would be just that, a curiosity, IMHO.

Derek Thorpe

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Could well be a circa 1800’s military bugle mouthpiece made for use in extreme cold weather.
Hi Ron, Your assumptions on this Mouthpiece are probably as near to the truth as we are likely to get for both age and usage - thank you. Thanks also to other Members for their observations.

Jack E

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@Derek Thorpe
Looking at the photo taken from an angle, it looks much too thick to be Mother of Pearl, and it doesn't appear to have the characteristic iridescence of MoP - if it is 19th century, as Ron Lander suggested, might it be ivory?

Derek Thorpe

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Hi Jack E, I questioned that the insert might be M.of P. It does have a certain iridescence when viewed at angle in the light, however when I reviewed that under a strong microscope - the marks that I thought were irrendescence appear to be minute scratches which catch the light and give the appearance of iredescence. I am beginning to think it may a form of 'plastic'.