Unbanding claims to fame!

Big Twigge

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Following on from the banding one (of which I have no claims)here are my (very lame) attempts of other claims to fame...
Apparently my Aunties cousin was the guy who got silver in the Badminton at the olympics :shock: (only found that out today)
My Uncle is in the middle spread of the radio times this week for being part of the 'Jo and Twiggy Breakfast radio show in Nottingham'(he's not 32!) and he was on ready, steady cook!
I have some more very very very poor claims to fame....I may contribute them at a later date!
Somebody give me some better ones!


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I have the same sirname as a bloke who plays guitar for Kylie Minogue. He's not related (or I doubt it anyway - after all he has some musical talent :shock: ) but us Hayto's are rare so I wonder how he ended up with the name.....

Only other one is I once met Jim Bowen :roll:

Okiedokie of Oz

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Non-banding claims, eh?? Hmmmmmmm.....

Well back when I was in primary school, there were 4 types of students. The Absolutely Brilliant smartypants' (of which my girlfriend was a member), The We're Faily Smart guys (that was me!), the I Know My ABC's (normal students) and the Hunh?'s (in modern days they'd be the ones claiming to have ADD or something).

In grade 6, we had a big debating comp. Now I don't like to argue, but the Smartypants' knew of the importance, and they were off like rockets to get involved and make teams up......

But I kicked all their a*ses!!!!!!!!!! I only ever debated once, but Nicole (now a State lever adjudicator for Debating) says I should try it again.


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I played in a concert with Steve McNally, the Korg Keyboard designer from Canada and apparently I own his EC5 pedal :p oh and my mom delivered some famous people's babies!

Dave Euph

My Auntie was a very good friend of Cherie Blair at College!

My dad once played guitar at the folk club in Birmingham which Jasper Carrot owned before his rise to fame. Carrot would often announce each act before they came on.

My tutor at Secondary School was a man called Melvyn Fowel, who - prior to teaching - was a 100m pro athlete who even beat Linford Christie once!

There might be some more ... but I can't think of them right now ...


Jamie Reeves (former Worlds Strongest Man) told me the truth abouth Father Christmas when we were both 6.

36 years later and my Mum STILL hasn't forgiven him :shock: :shock:


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Alan Smith went to my school (year below) and we played on the school team a few times together.

Didn't really like him then, the colour of his shirt now justifies my school day feelings! :D
i am related to Rick Astley 8)

i met jonathon woss at the BBc just after playing on Blue Peter (two in one!)

i saw prince harry in real life (was very special moment for me)

bout it really.

Will the Sec

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My great great grandfather on my Dad's side was the youngest captain to take a ship out of the Pool of London. OK, so he was actually being pushed out of society's field of vision by his influencial father after a slightly dubious affair concerning something "we don't like to talk about"
On my Mum's side, my great great uncle was the first person to drive a motorised hansom cab in London. OK, so he was nephew to a murderer, but we don't talk about that, either!

I have no claims to fame... ... ...


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I had the misfortune to ask Margaret Thatcher a question on live television just before she came into power, as part of the "Granada 500"

I can't remember what the question was, so don't ask.

Nigel Hall

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When I was involved with Hospital Radio in the early 90's I had the somewhat dubious honour of going to interview the cast of both Corrie and Eastenders. I've also interviewed the late great Leslie Crowther during his time on The Price is Right and been assaulted by that awful witch Grotbags - all in the name of entertainment.

Also, my dad's cousin is Trevor Bannister who played Mr Lucas on Are You Being Served?!!


I used to go out with Nigel Pivaro (Terry Duckworth from Coronation Street).
It was a long time ago and I'm very brave to admit it!!!!!!

Also, my brother played football for Salford Schoolboys with Ryan Giggs.


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Right lets think about this one...

I once met Cobra from Gladiators...
My dad was once thrown off Brands Hatch race track for speeding...
My Great great Grandad ran a Brothel in Dublin...
I was taught Karate by the top student, of the top student of Kanazawa Sensei, who was the first person to bring Karate to europe (yeah, it meant nothing to me too, I was 10!)...
I once saw Prince Charles's car drive past with the windows blacked out after waiting with my Primary School class for an hour...
My sister has kissed Leo Sayer...

ooo... I'm almost a celebrity!


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I met Colin Dexter (creator of Inspector Morse) twice. Once he stood on my foot in a bus queue and once he spilled my pint in the Gardeners Arms. At no point did he apologise. :evil:
Apparrently I was on the same course the year below Tim Rodber (rugby player) at Oxford Brookes but I have no memory of him at all :oops:
Dad used to go to the 2i's coffee bar in London in the early 60s (where various stars of the day hung out and jammed) but he's remarkably reticent about that whole era of his life so I don't know if he met anyone famous at all. Maybe I'm a secret love-child of Cilla Black...

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