Uh oh, I'm following in the footsteps of other Warwick brass players!


Heya all.

I'm Matthew Cooper, a student at the University of Warwick who plays with the Brass Society there.

I don't really know what else to say here, except: Who thought that a drunken student band deserved to go on the Delph Whit Friday 2005 CD!? But that has its own place in another forum. (I've only just started and I'm already doing it wrong!)

Hopefully I will have some useful/relevent (spelling :confused: ) content to add, and that I won't annoy you all too much!

See you round!


After looking at a few other threads in this forum, I though I should add some content (and I don't want to confuse myself by editing a post just yet!).

I was born in Tooting, London, and discovered the Trumpet when I was 8 years old. I played in a brass ensemble for local schoolkids for 6 years, and worked my way up to ABRSM grade 5 Trumpet. Then I had a revelation. At 14, I decided (after a few attempts) to move on to play the Tuba (at a time when I had never heard the term "EEb Bass"!) and leave my trumpeting days behyind me. I then played in the Merton Youth Concert Band (no, it's not a brass band, but somone might be interested!) and carried on there (acheiving ABRSM grade 7 {with NO SCALES!!}) until I went to the University of Warwick. There, I joined the University Brass Society to start playing an instrument I had never heard of (it's that EEb Bass again) and have now been there for a year. After hearing about this wonderful website over the course of last year from David Sait, I have finally decided to join.

(And yes, I have edited this post, and it isn't as scarey as I thought. I really should have edited my first post, now I think about it, and maybe I shall, but not quite now.)
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Hi there and :hi to tMP.

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