Tutti's Trombones/Trumpets

If you've heard of the above recordings you will know that they are very difficult to get hold of.

If you don't know about them, then its time to learn. These are recordings made by groups of the best players from the US in the 50's/60's. What you end up with is superb playing with soloists trying to out do each other. The arrangements are great.

The good news is that these have been released on 1 CD by AVID www.avidgroup.co.uk. I've been waiting for 15years to get an orginal copy to replace my (very) worn tape. I ordered on Monday and it arrived this morning.


tutti's trombones

It is now available on cd from warwick Music(based in Coventry). It was reviewed in the recent BTS "Trombonist magazine". I have the original trombone lp, but it is very worn. therfore I will be puchasing the cd-this has both trombones and trumpets versins on the cd.
Warwick Music also sell several of the arrangements from the trombone version. I HOPE TO EVENTUALLY OBTAIN SEVERAL OF THESE ARRANGEMENTS FOR USE BY THE NEAR TROMBONE cHOIR BASED IN WEST yORKSHIRE.


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Warwick music are online at http://www.warwickmusic.co.uk/ and there are no shipping charges for cds ordered online. I would certainly recommend that anyone with an interest in trombone music - classical or jazz - has a look at their site, both for recordings and sheet music. Prompt delivery as well!


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I bought this cd, and it's amazing! the trumpet playing is brilliant, the trombone playing is just as good (if not better ;)) and some of the things those trombones do is just unbelievable! and have you ever heard pink panther as a bass trombone solo? it's good! then there's 'twelfth street rag' and 'I feel Pretty'!

buy it!
Just found this thread so it's a bit late!

I had the Trombone recording on tape but my sister taped over it once so was really pleased they were re released on CD. Have to agree with the lasp post. The trombone playing is unbelievable and perhaps more listenable than the Trumpet recording. My particular favourite is the track 'Just a closer walk with Thee' - sacreligious or what?!?!

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