Tune or Tone


That is another well written piece Jack full of great insight.

I regularly change the internal shape of my mouth - the oral cavity in order to make tones malleable and play from bright to dark according to the piece or the mood.

A trumpet is almost limitless and is restricted more by the players limits of self belief than by equipment limitations.

Arturo Sandoval is of the same opinion, to see him play a trumpet musically with no mouthpiece at all just blowing directly into the receiver is truly amazing and a salutary lesson in what we believe we can do and why we should leave such blinkered thinking behind us.

And again to see him play rich and fat cornet type tones and then immediately follow them up with bright and lyrical classical trumpet tones without changing his mouthpiece or instrument at all is instructive on how we should approach the instrument and what restrictive beliefs we should abandon.

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