Tubists for RAF?

The Royal Air Force is currently actively seeking two tuba players who may be interested in making a career in the Services. The RAF bands are based in Uxbridge, London and Cranwell, Lincs. Visit the RAF Music Services web site for a more detailed picture, but if you are interested can you email me and I will pass on your details.



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And during your off days you can come and have a blow with Yiewsley & West Drayton Band, just down the road! :D

(Sorry thread hi-jacking)

Best of luck in your search Dave, theres a bit of a shortage of Tubas in the area at the moment.


is there any chance of there becoming any cornet/trumpet vacancies anytime round about October? I'm going for my aptitude test on Tuesday as I've contacted my nearest AFCO and am lookin for a place in 1 of the RAF bands.

Any reply appreciated

As far as I am aware we have no vacancies for cornet at the moment, but don't take my word for it!! There should be a contact on our website for out HQ, give them a shout and they will tell you exactly what is and isn't hapening.
Good luck with the tests and hope your application is successful.


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