Tuba Mouthpieces for an EEb Willson?


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The members here are almost all in the U.K. so few will have experience that overlaps with what’s common in the USA. Most Bass players that I know play Bach and Wick pieces. Your best bet is Tube Nett in the USA, though Bass players in the US appear to be focused on the BBb as the primary Bass but here I’m inclined to think that the EEb leads the Bass Section. I’ve played both and each have their merits, I’ve also happily played both sizes of Tuba with the same mouthpiece ........ but as a long time player you’ll know about such things much better than me. I don’t like the Bach 24AW but if it works well for you then why change - if it isn’t broke then don’t fix it.

You might not have noticed but this thread and the other one that you replied to have been dormant for a long time, past posters on them have typically moved on but I do not know to where.

Good luck, I hope that my comments are of some initial help and that you get a better answer from someone else.
I would also inquire form the fine members of this forum how they feel about the Dennis Wick heritage models compared to the regular.