Tuba Gig Bags - London / South East

Red Elvis

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Afternoon all
Thanks to some massive incompetence from Amazon (yes , we'll take your money , confirm your order and then wait four days till day of delivery to tell you there are none in stock!!!!), I am trying to get hold of a Tuba Gig bag by Sunday
Anyone know of any shops in London / South East (have tried Parkers and FirstBrass biut none in stock) or failing that wider afield that could courier to Chelmsford by Sunday ? Google is not being my friend !!

Red Elvis

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Thanks pbirch !
None there either I fear - fair play though , very helpful chap on phone and a quick reply !


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I have a new case (foam & fabric covered) that my EEb bass came with. Free to a good home I find it to large so purchased a gig bag. I am in High Wycombe but would be prepared to meet part way (Watford ?) if this is of use to you.
Regards Barry