Sold/Expired Trombone for Sale



Thinning out the herd a little...

Conn 8HT, 0.547 bore as new, this one was bought on a whim and used approx. 6 times. Comes in the Conn hard Case. Brand new condition and would RRP at £1900 approx. I am looking for £1300

Conn 8H Elkhart era. 0.547 bore looks like one, [plays like one, similar vintage, just doesn't have the Elkhart name stamped on the bell, engraving all the same though. Common practice for Elkharts not constructed in Elkhart but assembled elsewhere. Great player and good condition for age. Comes in a BAM x lite case £850

Schmelzer model 2, lightweight 0.508 bore great little blower for pit work or big band. Comes in a slim hard case £500

King 3b+ 0.525 unlacquered bell. Great for pop band work. surplus to requirements. Comes in a brand new Protec Gig bag. £500

All are great hooters but not used anymore, I am repurposing my collection. Sensible offers, please no jokey responses. I would be interested in Pex to some degree. For example, I would like to get hold of a decent quality euph Yamaha Maestro or old Sovereign maybe. And maybe a medium bore 0.525 Yamaha or Bach Strad.

Any interest, let me know on

Thanks All.