Trombone festival, Chelmsford, 6th September


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An advert for this event appeared at our hall this weekend, and I thought I'd post the basic details now, so anyone who may be interested can put the date in their diaries early, what with the holiday season approaching:

Trombone Festival, The Salvation Army, Chelmsford
Saturday 6th September, 7.30pm

Featuring Dudley Bright, Trombone sections from the London North East Division, and Chelmsford Songster Brigade

Tickets: £4.00; Concessions £2.50

I'll post contact details for tickets nearer the time.


Trombone Festival at Chelmsford - Saturday 6th September 200

On Saturday 6th September 2003 the Chelmsford Citadel corps of The Salvation Army will be holding a Trombone Festival. We are privileged to have Bandmaster Dudley Bright to lead the ensemble who you will know is an excellent bandmaster and gifted trombone player. We also have Don Jenkins formerly of the Bristol Easton and Amsterdam Staff Bands of The Salvation Army preparing some exciting music for the day. We hope to include a variety of music and have a fun day expressing the scriptures in music.

The plan for the day is to start at 1.00 for rehearsals till 3.00 for a half hour tea break then continuing practice until 5.30 for a buffet. An evening concert will commence at 7.30.

Also taking part in the concert will be the much travelled and recorded Chelmsford Citadel Songster brigade under their leader Joanne Schultz.

This concert will be a fund-raising venture for one of the youngsters at Chelmsford, Michael McCredie, as he prepares to join the Timothy Programme later in September of this year.

The Timothy Programme is run by the Salvation Army and aims to identify and develop young leaders, providing opportunities for cutting-edge church mission and training. It derives its name from the Timothy to whom Paul wrote in the New Testament and tries to emulate the relationship Paul and Timothy shared - that of mentor and disciple. In order for Michael to take part in this year he needs to raise £3000.

In order to raise money towards this project tickets for the evening are available at £4 (Adults) and £2.50 (Concessions) and any donations will be greatly appreciated.

For tickets or further details please contact Michael on:

Phone: (01621) 853392 Mobile: 07764481743


Tickets will also be available on the door


What I didn't make quite clear is that if you would like to take part in the Trombonaza at Chelmsford SA hall on 6th Sept then give Michael McCredie a ring to arrange things


Latest update up the Trombonaza.

Unfortunately Dudley Bright is unable to attend as he is having a couple of weeks off from playing on doctors orders.

However the group will still be led by Don Jenkins and Brad Turnbull (ISB, Kettering and formerly of the Household Troops Band) will be playing some solos.

Tickets available on the door.

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