Trombone/Euph/Bari player available for depping


Instrument: Trombone(Main)/Euph/Bari

Conductor/Compere: Conductor for up to 1st Section

Location/Region: Live in Rosyth, Fife(Scotland!) but can travel!!

Grade: 8 on Trom and Euph

Name: Richard Sharp

Contact Details: Email or ring 07702707103

Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: Any

How much notice do you require: One week should be ok.

Name of your present Band: Royal Marines Band Scotland

Position played within present Band: 1st/2nd Trombone

What section is your present Band in: N/A

Would you require transport: No

Do you require expenses: Depends how far I have to travel. But a drink will do if its close enough!!

Any additional comments/Information: Need more notice if Im to play Euph/Bari and would need to borrow an instrument. Would try and make some rehearsals too.
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I now have a bit more spare time on my hands for both conducting and playing. Please feel free to ring or email!


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