Trip to the Band hall!

James McFadyen

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Sorry to go on about John Adams, but he is truly a genius!

I've been listening to Fearful Symmetries (28mins long) a lot as well as a lot of his other huge charts.

John Adams can sustain Idea and momentum for a full half hour and more - Fearful Symmetries is absolutely fantastic, Definetly one to have full blast in the car - he's just so groovy, getting the pulse of the music going, combining atmosphere and stunning counterpoint and how his harmonies never get in the way of each other but there's so much going on - a master of dynamic balanceing - truly!

Anyone who has a half an hour drive to the band hall should definetly play Fearful Symmetries during the ride, it'll totally get you in the mood and fired up for some Brass Band action!


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After reading through the previous Jahn Adams thread I bought a CD from Amazon that has on it several of the favourite tunes that folk mentioned. Alas, I still have to listen to it. Might have to replace the Barenaked Ladies CD in the car's autochanger so that I get round to it :)

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