trigger springs

well i got a new spring for my 1st valve today, and cant put it on! any one out there ever had to replace a spring? how did you do it?

The Cornet King

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I sympathise. They are a flipping nightmare! :x

When mine went i had to take it to a shop and have them do it in the workshop casue i just couldn't do it. Think it was only £1 or something.

Good luck!


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Our principle cornet player tried to replace his third valve trigger spring. After a couple of hours of swearing at it and crawling round on his hands and knees to find the spring after it had flown off he took it back to the shop and they put it on in about 5 minutes.

So my advice is to swallow your pride and take it to a music shop! :lol:

2nd man down

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My third valve trigger spring went last was sorted in no time at the music shop.
Chill out and just take it to the man that can. :wink:


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They are an absolute pain to fit! You have to "pre-compress" them just to get them in the correct position. I managed it by fitting it over the lever, then pushing it down so the two ends go over the back of the holder bit, then pushing it in and very quickly inserting the little bolt. Took 3 or 4 tries, though.


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Oh my god, i just hate doing that!!

I have tried with the 1st valve trigger, and the spring was so slack it was practically useless! Same with water key springs, little blighters they are

Liz Courts

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Aghh!!! The third valve trigger!! I REALLY must go and get mine sorted! And now I think I'll get the friendly Trevada people to fix the spring on for me too... :? :wink:

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