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Has anyone ever wittnessed any funny tricks played on other Players .
As a young Bass player I watched the Solo Cornet section get up to Quite a few Tricks .
The best one was The pricipals Cornet was replaced by a left hand Cornet of the same age and make as his own instrument .
The fun started when the Band started to play and for some reason the Principal Cornet had forgotten how to hold his Cornet . Got the best laugh I''ve ever seen .
any other good Tricks ?????? :oops:


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:D :D :D Great!

I once witnessed (but was in now way a party to :wink: ) the solo horns valves being swapped around during the interval....


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I once witnessed the results of a piece of clingfilm being placed over the bottom of a cornet player's mouthpiece. Not all that funny really......unless it was immediately before he was due to stand up to play the last post !!! :lol: :lol:

ps. The result was one boss who was NOT a happy bunny.


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A second-hand account, this one, told to me by a former condeuctor of the Coventry Police Band. He had been a Royal marines trombonist, and was always coming up with stories. He told us how one of their NCOs, another trombone player, was a right pain, and kept giving them a hard time, so they decided to get their own back.

They removed his mouthpiece, and filled the end of his instrument with talcum powder before replacing it. When they then paraded on the deck of the ship, resplendant in their navy jackets, he started to blow and nothing happened. Blowing harder, the talcum powder made its way through the instrument before ending up on the back of the tunic of the Director of Muisc, who was standing in front, conducting. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Apart from the usual stealing of people's mouthpieces & slides.....I've seen a tube FILLED with water, which wasn't that funny, cos it was a lot of water.....

but on NYBBW this girl put water in one of the Euphs, in return she got thrown in the stream :D


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I've known a tenor sax player do most of a concert with a disposable plastic beaker in the bell of his instrument. It only came to light when he had a couple of particularly low notes to play, and the cup started to rattle away as he closed the bottom pads, and the air had to travel the full extent of the instrument.


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A good trick to play on trombone players is to fill up the trigger section with water, just half fill it so they don't notice the extra weight till ...*woosh gurgle* they use the F-trigger.


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hah yeah laura.. that was a deviant course...
that was also the one where wilf got his slides removed, then his mouthpiuece filled with mayonaisse and covered in cling film wasnt it... and cloughy played the whole concert with jelly is his concert shoes without noticing... and a used bog brush got thrown out of the toilet window and hit mr armor... and 11 wardropes got put into mr obermullers room ;) and the girls decorated the whole of their corridor in toilet paper... :D good stuff


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Oh.. and Elgar Howarth mistakenly announced that the composer of Tam O' Shanter was gay! :D


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I remember when we put some 'unsavoury' images in the middle of one of roy newsomes scores! that was crackin!


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Bagpuss and I used to play in the same Jazz band and used to wind the MD up all the time. Whichever one of us he introduced as soloist in "Song of India" the other one played. When he got wise to that and said that either one of us might do it, we played it as a duet. When he announced that possibility at the next gig we both sat and stared at him until he was forced to pick up his flugel and cue it in himself :D
PeterBale said:
I've known a tenor sax player do most of a concert with a disposable plastic beaker in the bell of his instrument.

HAHA I went to a rehearsal and had a slide grease bottle wedged in my sax! D'oh! We couldn't work out what was wrong with it!

11 wardropes got put into mr obermullers room

Hehe my friend put a radiator in another friend's bed last year on NYBBW, he stumbled into his room, and just looked at it with a most amazing face which I cannot describe, mweehheee :D


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neiltwist said:
I remember when we put some 'unsavoury' images in the middle of one of roy newsomes scores! that was crackin!
aaah that got done aswell.. to elgar.. he was quite amused i think!
Then he handed them back to a girl saying "are these yours", naturally everyone wet themselves.. especially as she was a lesbian :shock:


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On a County Residential trip we were rehearsing and this flute player had one of those tops with the velcro letters. Suddenly half way through a piece the conductor broke down in laughter and couldn't conduct again for 5 - 10 mins. When he finally told us what was funny, we knew why. This lass had "Why are you looking at my boobs Mr Snowdon?" written on her top.


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well i havnt played any tricks on the players but i have on our conductor..........

In rehearsal we had all just gone for break and while everyone was out of the room 3 of us hid his baton and changed his scores with tune of a day, then when we came back in the back row swapped places with the bass players, her noticed the tune of a day but didnt notice us, it took him the whole of Slaidburn and the start of Wonky Piano to notice.

Was funny at the time!


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When I was playing with the RAF Voluntary Band at Waddington the whole band decided that we'd start a dining-in night with one particular march regardless of what our conductor wanted. Naturally he started conducting Aces High while we all started playing something else - The Medallion probably. Can't rightly remember. :lol:


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Just last Saturday, canton band getting used to Chelmsford hall. We were about to warm up with 'As the Deer'. Solo horn and Flugel start so we transposed it up a semitone. I don't think the Basses and baritones noticed when they came in though!
Hehe one of my old teachers had a rubber stuck in his trumpet for ages and he didn't know, he thought he was getting old.....when he eventually took it out, it was one of the loudest things I've ever heard! :D


Was playing bumper to a guy in a scratch band, when he stood up to play a jazz solo, I placed a fibre cup mute square in the middle of his seat.

Needless to say - perfect solo, not so perfect language when he sat down...

Had a detrimental effect on the performance - he sat down, shot up again so quick that the stand, music and all disappeared across the stage...

Miracle i survived to tell the tale really.


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