Travelsphere @ The Castle, Wellingborough


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Just been to see this because a friend of mine plays in the band.

The first half was excellent, especially the Eb bass soloist, and his very entertaining rendition of Csardas. The arrangement of Caravan was very good, and showed that brass bands can swing when they try (no really, they can!!). Also enjoyed Lets Face the Music... which sounded like nothing I'd ever played!

Second half was not as good, although it had its moments. It was all film music and unfortunately there were a few too many Andrew Duncan arrangements which all start to sound a bit the same after a while. I did enjoy the music from Titanic, and the Disney melody (especially the solo trombone's monkey impressions)

Players deserving particular mention were the Eb bass player for his excellent solos (lovely sound, almost euphonium-like), and the Soprano player who just oozed class! Unfortunately, a lot of the band was made up of guest players and it showed. Hopefully when they get a full band together fully prepared they'll be able to show what they can really do.


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The Eb bass player was Robin Norman who is indeed a superb bass player. I cant think of many better as either a soloist, section leader or team member. The soprano player is Gary Fountain who is the most level headed and modest sop player I have ever met. He is an exceptional player and always holds his own with the 'big name' players at the major contests. As for the monkey noises, i guess you can always rely on a trombone player!!!!!!!


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Steve21 said:
As for the monkey noises, i guess you can always rely on a trombone player!!!!!!!

Counting yourself as a Euph player again then Steve? Must have been someone else made my mouthpiece stink of smoke then...

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