Transposing tenor clef to treble

Tenor clef: Burn it. Burn it all.
As someone who took the time in younger days to start from scratch and learn to read treble / bass clef "natively", I can say it was undoubtedly time well spent. No fear.
All this "just knock off two flats, stand on one leg & suck instead of blow" malarkey is fine and everything, but still mild panic ensues when presented with a tenor clef chart littered with accidentals, and I'm not happy til I've been through it & scribbled a few positions on there. Sightreading is always a bit of a lottery.

We boners need fitting at birth with jumpers or a bank of DIP switches we can set with the tip of a biro, to flip seamlessly between all these clefs without needing to actually think on't fly.
God I'm showing my age & geek credentials a bit there!
By the way, apropos of not much - there is a bar in tenor clef in the bass trombone part to Whitsun Wakes by Michael Ball, written 1997. The only example I've seen in a brass band part published more recently than prehistory.

That was in the bass trom part. I think it went up to a top B in treble clef speak, (top A for bass trom) and so it would of had 3 ledger lines. Tenor clef took of two ledger lines. It was a bit daft to change clef, it was done to look a bit pretentious. Shame really because it was an amazing piece.

the tenor trombone parts escaped this.

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