Totally boring - work related


Can anyone out there recommend any training courses on Strategic Thinking. I am looking for a general course, not specific to any topic like Sales, Marketing or Purchasing.

Totally boring, I know but at least I can justify being on tMP during working hours! :lol: :lol: :lol:


Naruco said:
:lol: that's a strategy within itself!


What's up chuck, got now't to do again! Shouldn't you be practising or doing other studenty stuff (pub, pub and more pub?)

Naomi McFadyen

New Member
Hello! :D
Had a well busy weekend...

Plenty of coursework to do which I'll crack on with very shortly... (she says)... 3 weeks til deadline day! :?

Spent practically a whole day in Wetherspoons on Saturday if you wanna talk about pubs! Restricted myself to one pint though as I was depping that night :lol:

I have tomorrow night off band! :D
So unless I dicide to have a bang somewhere I'm sure a few pints will be had instead... oh yea... and coursework of course!

Hope you get the info you're after on the training courses :)

See you soon!

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