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James McFadyen

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Audio trax!!!

Clouds of Dust and Rainbows of Gold - Violin Solo with piano accomp. This difficult solo features a groovy rock section! This version is an upgraded performance from the last version, complete with dymanics for extra realisim! mp3 @ 192kbs for better realism. http://www.myalias.pwp.blueyonder.c...yen - Clouds of Dust and Rainbows of Gold.mp3

In an Island of Mass-Produced Suicice - Swingin' Jazz piece. Fast-paced swing number with a catchy swing waltz flung in! mp3 @192kbps for better definition, even if you downloaded this before, download this high quality version, u'll hear the difference, especially with the timps and 'top end' sparkle! http://www.myalias.pwp.blueyonder.c... - In the Island of Mass-Produced Suicide.mp3

Light Traveling - Minamilist Orchestral piece pivoting against two chords: Dmaj7 and A9, with transition chords in between! great rythmic drive and great for anyone into minamlist music! mp3 @ 192kbps for better quality. This track has been recorded with General MIDI sounds but still sounds quite authentic! McFadyen - Light Traveling.mp3


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