Top 20 Voted On Tracks For MAY 2016


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Glenn Van Looy with Manger Musikklag
Montclair Citadel Band - Resurgam
Richard Marshall with Black Dyke Band
Sellers Engineering Band - Crown Imperial
Canadian Staff Band - The Power of Your Love
Enfield Citadel Band - Rosehill
Kirsty Abbotts (Cornet) with Carlton Main Frickley
Sheona White & YBS Band - The Piper o' Dundee
Houston Brass Band - A Bugler's Holiday
Enfield Citadel Band - Song of the Eternal

International Staff Band - The Redcliffe March
Flowers Band - Russian Folk Festival
Amsterdam Staff Band - Tu Es Petrous (Lay A Garland)
Willebroek Brass Band - Starchaser
Fodens Courtois Band - The Irish Blessing
Kirkintilloch Band - Mission Impossible
Owen Farr with Cory Band - Autumn Leaves
Mark Wilkinson with Foden's Band - Glorious Ventures
Flowers Band - Ride
Black Dyke Band - Love Story


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Folks, I believe my typing and my mind are going. The votes should be for JUNE 2016. Ugh:(
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Some news about All Brass Radio. I do want to answer a question that comes up every so often. How can I broadcast without copyright permissions? It is a great question. In the US, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1999 (modified) allows a webcaster who makes no money, does not charge a subscription (I ask for donations, but listening is free to everyone) and DOES NOT pre-publish what is going to be played fits a certain section of the law. I pay a yearly fee, and bands that want to collect their royalties can register and get their share. I am pretty small, and even the band I play the most (Black Dyke) would get less than a pound.

Therefore the station is completely legal. Now the royalties are not small. Due to the kind donations (I still could use a few more) I lose money out of my pocket. I guess I am the biggest contributor:).

Some good news. I bought several CDs, and I have about 600 brass band CDs in my small studio. 7,100+ tunes at last count. The voting system is very beneficial. Low rated tracks get removed and are replaced. I also rotate tracks. A CD I removed perhaps three years ago I will reintroduce sound the favorites are played, but new tracks are always rotated to the playlist.

I added 75 new tracks yesterday. I removed 73 tracks today. I have about 530 randomly played tracks on the station. I play the tracks at 192 kbs which is near CD quality.

The listenership is growing all the time. Great brass band music at no cost unless you want to donate. No commercials.

If you would like your band on the station, you can donate a CD. See my front page for details. I will give a nice plug for your donation.