Top 20 Tracks for August, 2016


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Top 20 August 2016

1. Amsterdam Staff Band - Jubilee Overture
2. Kirkintilloch Band - Summon The Heroes
3. Ancienne Cecilia - Brigade Fortress
4. Montclair Citadel Band of the Salvation Army- Resurgam
5. The International Staff Band - Soldiers of Christ
6. Polysteel Band - Benedictus From The Armed Man
7. International Staff Band of The Salvation Army - Largo from The New World Symphony
8. Fairey Band - Deep Space Nine
9. Foden’s Band - Light Cavalry
10 Norridge Citadel Band - Shine Down

11. All Star Girls Of Brass - 1812 Overture
12. Black Dyke Band - Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines
13. Desford Colliery Caterpillar Band - Ride Of The Valkyries
14. Brass Band Berner Oberland - The Barber Of Seville
15. Virtuosi GUS Band - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
16. Pikes Peak Brass Band - Tocatta in D Minor
17. The Cory Band & Cantorion - Benedictus
18. Amsterdam Staff Band - Jubilee Overture
19. YBS Band - Dundonnell
20. Leyland Band - Y.M.C.A.

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Take a look at number 15 & 16. The same tune from two different bands finished back to back. That, to my knowledge, has never happened before.

Also, I a working hard to have my mouthpiece comparison charts update and the apps. More is coming each and every month.

Dr. Jim