Too Much?


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Right, so the second weekend in february, I'm playing 2 concerts (friday and saturday) as run throughs for a contest the weekend after. I'm also playing a contest at preston on the sunday and spending the saturday lunchtime busking to raise money for the band. Admittedly it's my own fault for agreeing to do them all but still!!

Anyway, what do you thing is too much playing?


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A week where I don't get at least a day off playing with a group. Or alternatively, playing more than once on one day then playing again on the next.

So, that's every December out, then. :roll:


Naomi McFadyen

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I play in a band every single day of the week during the week- whether it be one of the uni bands (in which I'm in all 3) or Leyland...
Tuesdays I play in three different bands in one day!, and then weekends whenever there's a concert/contest!

Now, that is too much! :shock: (But I love it! Honest!)

and now I have flu... :roll: :cry:
which is unquestionably the worst, especially with an ear infection too :!: :evil:

Naomi McFadyen

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well, that is not strictly true...
I can find it too much because of the illness and syndrome I have...
and on that, I'll say no more...


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Nothings too much!! :D Apart from when it's coming up to a solo contest and you've got to practise the solo you're playing over and over again. But apart from that, I love it all, the more the better!!!!!!! :D :D

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