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I mentioned this on today's On This Day thread, but news reaches me (and despite the gag coming at the end, this IS a true story) that Tony Blackburn was suspended from his duties as DJ for Captial Gold over his insistence on playing records by Sir Cliff Richard.

As the Wimbledon championships are currently in full swing (well, loads of matches behind but you know what I mean...) Blackburn decided it was appropriate to play some old Cliff blockbusters. His management decided that it wasn't in keeping with the station's current image, so they sent TB an email demanding he cease playing Living Doll, Summer Holiday etc. Live on air, Blackburn ripped up the email and proceeded to play two more Cliff numbers. He was then suspended for his indiscretion. Nevertheless, he has since been reinstated due to public demand and Capital Gold have now amended their playlist strategem to include the occasional SCR hit.

Still, the headline did have a certain appeal...

'Tony Blackburn suspended over Cliff'

Beachy Head one hopes.....


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I heard Terry Wogan talking about that this morning. He was discussing the fact that he had played a Cliff record the day before so was expecting to be out on his ear... :lol:

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