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I have stated this before, The new radio Broadcast has nothing to do with Helios UK.
Also Helios UK no longer trades.

Is this your info from Companies House?

Name & Registered Office:HELIOS UK LTD
Company No. 05486460

Status: Dissolved 20/03/2012
Date of Incorporation: 21/06/2005

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Company Type: Private Limited Company
Nature of Business (SIC):
7414 - Business & management consultancy

If so, was the competition (April 2013: started after the company was dissolved in 2012?


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My fiancé has a limited company and company house said at one point his business is dissolved. Doesn't actually mean they are no longer trading, it could simply mean they haven't received there accounts for the year.

look at the thread concerned, the organiser stated it


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look at the thread concerned, the organiser stated it

Ian I know. Matthew seems to think it is a big issue the company did a raffle after the company was dissolved on company house. So what? Doesn't mean the company wasn't trading in 2012 when is was dissolved. It can mean a variety of things, i.e., there is a legal issue or even you haven't given any information to company house for so long, Company house doesn't even tell you there is an issue. Dissolved status doesn't mean you are bust

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