To listen or not to listen?

Do you listen to bands in the same section at contests?

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Can't remember if this has been covered before or not. What are people's opinions on listening to other bands in the same section as you at contests. After the last area when I heard the eventual winners play, who were a few bands before us, I decided that I'd try and avoid doing it in future, particularly before we play, but even afterwards I find it a bit uncomfortable, but our first bari player finds it calms her down at contests to hear someone else play the same piece.


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I prefer to listen if i can, but only after ive played. before we play, its more a case of trying to relax, an dsettle the old nervse.

Can you alter the poll to suit?


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I like to listen to most of our section but only after I've played..... no good has ever come for me from listening to preceding bands (it usually makes me more nervous) so I've given it up as a bad job!

I understand why some people don't want to listen to any of the competition but I think its a shame as it means we all play to emptier halls. At least its fewer people in a position to whinge about the adjudication though!!!!! :lol:


Only after I've played. I prefer to concentrate on the job in hand rather than speculate how the other bands are playing. Might put me off, epecially if they're really good!


to listen or not to listen

Depends on the contest/draw. I like to listen to a few if its own choice. I dont mind listening to bands before i play if we get a late draw.


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i like to listen to a couple of earlier bands, especially if it's somewhere i've not played before. I like to see how kind the room is going to be to the performance!


No i dont listen - prefer to go to the bar and if you dont listen to any other bands you cant have any complaints about the result! :D


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There normally isn't time to listen to other bands before going on ourselves as there's normally the pre performance practice. Plus most bands I've played for have always insisted on the band meeting up a good hours or so before playing so that everyone is together and ready.

Jo Elson

It depends when were playing. But if i have time before we play i will go an listen to bands an if they don't sound as good as us (in my opinion) then it is a confidence boost for when we play, but if they are really good it can do the opposite. Although on the day i won't change what i play because another bands better - everyone has a different interpretation of the piece.
In general i do listen to bands in my section yes.


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yorkyboy said:
if you dont listen to any other bands you cant have any complaints about the result! :D

well said!

I like to listen to a few of the bands from all the sections if I can. Check out the local competition, support friends etc.... I think it is important especially for the younger player to listen to some other bands on the day. To sit and listen to another bands performance helps develop important skills. It is definately an opportunity missed if these players don't listen to the bigger named bands.


agreed i would certainly listen to the top bands if they were competing in the same contest and if a mate asked me to listen to there band. apart from that you cant waste the drinking time in the bar!! :D


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I'd listen to other bands after we've played if competing, and the result depends on whether I listen to the other sections or attempt to drink silver polish :p
Don't normally listen to concerts, the only chance I get to hear bands is at contests really. :?


I like to listen to a few bands (so that I can use "We wos robbed!!") - doesn't bother me if it's before or after, the band should be set on how thay are going to play (except for stage fright!) - only the conducter can make real changes which is highly unlikely on the day.

Did play in one band (English 1st section) where the conducter forbade you to listen to any bands before playing - I can see the point for less experienced players who might be more influenced but would anything but nerves effect a performance.

Is it and "English" thing that you are discouraged from listening to bands before playing - I played in a few Scottish band and we were actively encouraged to listen to bands.


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I don't listen to the bands in the same section as myself. I find that I can't sit and enjoy the performance as i'm too busy critically analysing it or worrying about how different the interpretation is to ours. Apart from that i'm usually sick to death of the piece anyway!!!

I will go and "support" bands with friends in or if i like another sections test piece, i'll go and listen to 1 band. After 1 band i'm usually bored stiff and pretty thirsty!!

See you in the bar.....
The only time I listen to other bands is when I've been asked to - to support friends etc. However, this is very, very rare (& not cos I've got no friends :lol: ).

I used to listen before and after playing (it never bothered me listening before playing) but gave it up years ago - I prefer to socialise now.

I wold encourage some of the younger or more inexperienced members to listen to top bands though
it has never bothered me if i listen to bands before or after we have played. I must admit I will always try and support band i have played with in the past and people i know if they are in the section i am in and i will usually try to listen to the so called favourites for the section.

but after saying all that i do like socalising as much as the next person so it isn't always possible ;)

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I love listening to other bands in the same section, even though like many others you find yourself being critical of other performances!
It can calm you down and it can also motivate you when you hear what you consider to be a good performance.

Plus their aint nothing better than the post match discussions that go on in the bar about who split what note and who hit the magical top note!!

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