TMPers for Scottish Open?


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Yeh he is and we are jolly lucky to have as MD.
Don't think many of our band realise how good he is.
Glad they both decided to move up hear to retire otherwise we not have had him as MD and wouldn't have had Rita as a pal.
Good team they are :wink:


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Definatly! He lifts the band so so much, and improves us in everyway! Yes, great team they are! You guys are so lucky to have him as MD, fantastic man! Really looking forward to tomorrow, will be such a great day! :lol:
Hope you enjoy it and manage to hear us! :D


Scottish Open.

Congratulations to Hepworth on a magnificent 2nd place.
Keep up the good work Mark.

Hope Miss Booth's not giving you grief.

Dave Ashworth.