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Official tMP Announcement

Whit Friday: 4th June 2004 Rules

How To Take Part:

• Only registered members of can play in the Band.

• Under 18’s must fill in the permission slip and return by post to Rachel (sparkling_quavers) by May 15th

• Players must contribute £10 per person towards the cost of hiring the coach for the event. This must be paid in advance by way of either online through tMP Paypal (link on main tMP page) or directly to Rachel (sparkling_quavers) by form of cheque.

• Entry to the event will be restricted to a maximum of 45 members on a first come first served basis (within the constraints of a balanced band)

• Non-players and supporters are very welcome but they will be expected to contribute towards the cost of the coach. First place on the coach goes to playing members.

Playing arrangements and music:

• All participants will be invited to play in the marching element of the event but (as within the rules of the contest) a standard band formation must be used for the contest march.

• The playing positions are at the discretion of the tMP team and if there are more than a standard band formation, the team will use a rotation system.

• The music to be played is to be chosen by the tMP team.

• Because of the logistics of organising a rehearsal there will not be a chance to rehearse the band before the day of the event.

• Players will be notified in advance of the chosen piece therefore giving you a chance to borrow a part from a local band to practice.

• On the day the music will be provided by a member of the tMP team. In accordance with copyright laws all players must use our original copy of the music for all the performances.

Travel arrangements and accommodation:

• The Coach shall pick up from a designated point in the local Manchester area. Members will be taken by coach around the contest and at the end of the evening dropped back off at the central location.

• Manchester city centre has good public transport access from all over the country. This gives members the opportunity of either driving or coming by bus/train (and staying over if needed).

• There are many reasonably priced hotels within the city centre. Suggestions for these and perhaps a group booking could be made.

• Players wishing to meet us at the first venue are welcome to do so but they will still be expected to pay the £10 as a place on the coach will need to be reserved for them to travel around the contest.

Brief itinerary:
1. Coach leaves central Manchester approx 4.30pm
2. Coach arrives at first venue 5.00-5.30pm (depending on traffic)
3. Coach leaves final destination approx 1am
4. Coach drops back off in central Manchester approx 1.30am

What happens now?

1. By registering your interest on this thread you will be invited to join a new section of the site which will be hidden from the rest of the tMP membership. Using this forum we will finalise all details of the event.
2. Your membership of this hidden forum will only be activated when we have received your coach fee. The invitation PM will give full details of how you can pay by either method.

NB: Those people who have already registered interest on the above linked thread or have contacted sparkling_quavers directly should expect to receive a PM inviting them to submit their £10 and receive entry to the event.


Does putting your name in as a defo in the previous thread mean that we are on the list, or are you wanting a fresh list of names from scratch?

Cheers :)


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stephen2001 said:
Does putting your name in as a defo in the previous thread mean that we are on the list, or are you wanting a fresh list of names from scratch?

Cheers :)

Hi Stephen...

I believe Rachel has a list of tMP'ers who have previously expressed an interested in the Whit Event. Perhaps wait until she is back online later this evening to see how she wants to handle this.

I also believe we havent yet clearly stated how to apply to play at the event... again, Rach is king (or queen) so best to PM her asap about this.



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:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
Apologies when cutting and pasting the information from my computer I seemed to have missed the 'what happens now' section off... apologies again :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

I have amended the above post.

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