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Right, as inspired by the Infinite Cat project, how about starting the infinite (!) tMP band..

Pretty soon I'll post an image of a tMPer playing... All you have to do is send me an image of you playing along with the tMPer on screen....

So basically take a photie of yourself playing with the computer monitor in the photo as well...

It's one way we'll all get play in the same band...

If anyone wants to kick off with a photo then feel free, otherwise, I'll post one up soon... (busy at work right now)

Watch this space..


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But if everyone just takes a pic of themselves beside the monitor the image will get smaller and smaller :shock: . Bit like using 2 mirrors and everyone knows what happens when you do that... :wink:


Just looked at the cat site, very interesting although it is gonna be hard taking a picture of yourself playing your instrument infront of a computer!

Never seen that site before, I am up for having a go though but I don't think it will work as well as the cats, especially if u have to get urself, a tuba and a monitor in shot!

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