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PR for your Band – the tMP top tips for a healthy engagement diary

We all know how expensive it can be to simply run a band, but for it to thrive, it is essential that the band has a healthy diary full to the brim with bookings, engagements and concerts. We all know however, that this is not an easy task. Getting the diary to a point where weekends are full and all concerts engagements are made well in advance is a thankless and often extremely difficult undertaking. Most bands try, not so many succeed, so here are a few ideas that may help point you in the right direction, and could assist in getting your band's treasurer to be a happy chappy or chappess!!

Create & define the role of “PR/Engagement Secretary”
It is vital that your band appreciates the importance of this role and of what it can do for your band. Create a job/role description fully explaining and articulating the role and its responsibilities. Make sure this is clearly understood, and ensure you select someone who understands this and can fulfil their obligation, and who can undertake these responsibilities to the best of their ability. (This may be the subject of a future tMP article)

Prepare a detailed Band Portfolio and Résumé
You should have a fully documented portfolio that clearly shows the objectives and goals of your band. Prepare a detailed and summary version of this document that you can show to potential sponsors, or simply to promote your band to people who may wish to book your bands services. The document should set expectations for all your band members and your clients, and should cover;
  • The full range of your Band's services (Concerts, Contests, Fetes & Shows, Ten-Piece, Quartets, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Charity events and Support, Christmas Scenes)
  • Summary costs/fees (Only in summary though – you need to get people to contact you for more details )
  • Geographical area of coverage (How far would you be willing to travel)
  • How this will benefit your customer (attendance numbers, promotion, revenue)
  • Illustrate the entertainment value of your band (testimonials, letters, news and media article, success stories)
  • Summary engagement list and calendar of events (often there’s nothing like blatant self promotion – perception is reality, and if you show you are busy then you will create a better perception than if you show you are struggling for bookings)
  • A fact sheet or promotional advertisement brochure (this can be either professionally printed or done on a high quality colour printer – it needn’t be an expensive undertaking.) Also use this to promote your events on a single basis.
Get yourself a WWW Site and Internet Presence
If you don't have a www site, then you really should have one. Don't just put up a few pages; keep it lively, bright and up to date with all the latest information about your band. Put the items mentioned above on there somewhere. Generate an identity and get yourself submitted to all the important internet search engines and related Brass sites: tMP, IBEW, 4BR, Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, AltaVista etc. Get yourself quality web hosting (tMP provides web hosting services - tMP Web Hosting - contact us for more info), get yourself an email address for you and your band, get yourself connected and with an online presence. You shouldn't be without a www site.

Provide at a minimum the following details:
  • Your band's contact details (email, phone, address)
  • Your location
  • Your services
  • A Gallery of images
  • Details of your band and its players
  • How to support your band
  • A calendar of events
  • A links page (with tMP on it of course ;))
  • ... anything to get you noticed and makes you stand out from the run of the mill internet web sites.

Advertise your Services: Prepare a contact list – and then ensure you contact them!!

Obtain a list of contacts for all the relevant bodies that may at some time require the services of your band or group, or where you can place advertisements, literature and contact details;
  • Libraries
  • WWW Sites and Band Media (tMP, 4BR, BB, the Brass Herald, Brass Band World, IBEW)
  • Local Authorities
  • Schools and Colleges (lessons and demos to kids, supporting acts at school concerts, college social scene)
  • Sports Halls and Leisure centres and Stadiums
  • Concert Halls
  • Police, Fire and Rescue Services PR departments (think of charitable support)
  • Community Centres
  • Hotels
  • Other Musical Groups (Choirs, Singers, other bands)
  • Lions Clubs and Rotary clubs
  • Press and Media (papers, BBC, ITV, SKY etc)
  • Local Business groups such as
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Enterprise Agencies
    • TECs, Business Links
Get the names, email addresses and telephone numbers for all these groups and organisations, and maintain contact with them throughout the year - either by telephone, email or snail mail… and then most importantly, contact them all. Tell them what you do, tell them about your www site, tell them of your engagements and concerts, tell them what you are doing for charity, send them your literature, send them details of your fees and availability. Get your name out there.

Look for serious sponsorship deals!

Contact local businesses – not just requesting sponsorship or asking for money, after all, why should they give you anything…? Offer your services to them too; tell them how you can perhaps help them in their promotional events and activities. Prepare a list of business contacts, try to build and maintain a relationship with them. Develop and portray a community spirit, and illustrate how this could help them in their business. Being pragmatic and professional will facilitate greater opportunity for meeting business entrepreneurs and those who might at some time look to support your band. Never sell yourself short, but in cases such as this don’t always look for fees – think of the future and of the massive opportunities that could be presented to you from doing something such as this.

Generate an identity and presence - promote, promote and promote

Use a combination of all the above to promote your band and what you do. If people don’t know you, your group or what you are doing – then quite simply you don’t stand much of a chance of getting people to attend your events and concerts. Always look to promote your band, seek out the luck, identify where you feel opportunities are going to be, and ensure you are well positioned to take advantage of those when they do come… and believe me… they will come… and you’d better be prepared when they do... :)
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