tMP & The Future!


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tMP & The Future!

Following the latest tMP Management Team meeting last weekend, we can confirm that there are exciting times ahead as is taken to the 'next level'! Various topics & ideas were discussed - these will be made public over the next few days and weeks - so keep your eyes peeled for these special announcements.

One such announcement can be seen here - detailing the migration of tMP to a new server due to its growth and popularity. This also gives the vibrant community that is tMP, even greater scope and room to expand.

Another exciting venture is the recruitment of a new tMP Moderator for the 'Random' category. This category is one of the busiest on the site, and we all felt the need for an extra pair of hands (and eyes!) to keep on top of things. As it is practically impossible to give any of us additional body parts, inviting applications for a new Moderator seemed the logical option! For further details, read John's announcement here.

Please remember too that we have the 'tMP Signature March' competition currently in progress. This competition has generated a huge amount of interest - with some exciting compositions having been entered already. So, to make sure you have plenty of time to get your submission in, check the details and rules of the competition again here. If you have any queries regarding this competition (e.g. rules, closing date etc.) please do not hesitate to get in touch with any of us.

So, to re-cap, keep your eyes peeled over the next few days & weeks for some important announcements; and on behalf of the tMP Team, a huge thank you to you all for months of continued support - what we have here on tMP is special and unique - let's keep going and even improve on what we have, as we take to the next level. :tup

Thank you,

on behalf of the tMP Team

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