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Hey Folks - After some discussion, I have set up a yahoo pool ladder/tournament on cases ladders.

Anyone interested should drop me a pm for directions...



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Lol, no just a word that I use instead of confused! :lol:
I'm not drunk! Especially as I have no reason to be at this time of day, and am in school! :roll: :wink:


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As the current leader in the tMP pool tourney I invite challenges...

I have only played one ladder game (thanks Kepps :D )so it will be easy to topple me and get your rightful place at the top.

Bring it on... :wink:


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Keep Sparkly away from this!! Proper little Poolshark she is! Especially with that nonchalant "girly pool" style. How annoying is it?!! I'm there with my chin on the cue, right foot pointing down the line of shot, I'm looking at the target pool and not the cueball - textbook style.... and miss. Rachel steps up and clears up with that infuriating "girlypool" method!!! :evil: :evil:

Well Worth It

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It's those soul-shattering shots where the balls go in all directions.
Three of "her's" slam straight into the pockets and the remainder of "your" balls all end up on the cush.
DAMN that's annoying.

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