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aha! ;) my internet just opens a blank window when i click on it, theres something wrong with my net, no idea what or how to fix it. Anyway.... i tried that link but it said etc etc nd then an error and asked me to send an email form :-?


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don't open it in a new window or a new tab. Just normal action(left) click it please.

I'm busy and don't have time to trap everything. sorry.

keith hemming

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Dont vote for stourport in 2nd section, just look at the national final result and we have one of the same adjudicators !! so thats last place taken care of, one of our players is also in theTMP band,anyone got any hearing aid batteries for the adjudicators ?:rolleyes:


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Anthony (Scooby) Longden said:
So if Wire have withdrawn, who is now the favourite in the second section?
Have Wire withdrawn? Can we change our predictions if a band withdraws?


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to change your predictions, just enter a new set for that section, it will tell you a set already exists, and ask if you want to delete it. delete it, and then enter the new set, et voila, c'est nouveau.


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Oooh... get him with his French.

go BBS!!! Dunno why you're all voting for us tho, have you heard us in the last week or so????

Naomi McFadyen

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ermmm, I just read the 4BR writeups and they still have Wire Brass in as playing... have they really pulled out of the contest? or has no1 told 4BR they're not playing anymore?



Wire Brass have definately withdrawn! Either that or my auntie and uncle are lying to me! They both play in the band so shud know! I knew they'd withdrawn weeks ago so I was a bit confused when I saw then in the line-up in the bandsman, and even more so when I went on 4barsrest and saw them predicted 1st! Definate case of kiss of death from 4br ther!

Speaking of kiss of death... look who they (and ppl voting on here) have as 1st in 1st section :s

hope we prove the "theory" wrong!


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Well the 4br prediction says nothing about Flixton but "the improving Flixton" so I'm not taking any notice... ;)


at least some bands players still know how to do individual home practise! Other bands dont progress because the "older" players are generally too ignorant to think they need to practise :-?. Anyway GO FLIXTON ;)


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I see 4br have also given Wem the kiss of death by picking them as dark horses in the 3rd section ;)


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Also no point voting Creswell Colliery in the 4th Section they've also pulled out. We get a few of their players at our rehearsals as we're only 7 miles from Cresswell and our band has had a very long association with them. Think we had players helping out back in the 30s,40s and 50s when Cresswell were Championship.


I havent got around to looking at 4bars yet I have got a fancy for Ransome to win the Championship section. Every other section goodness only knows try the Pin theory!!

Richard Greenwood
Yes!!! :D I got my number 1 predicton right in 4th section. A 5th and last 4 my other 2 predicties though :$. o well, not a bad attempt. If i start a tradition of getting the number one places right, hopefully it will work for top section Because i've predicted us to come 1st. :D ;)


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