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Hi All

With every successful forum since the concept of online discussions began, there has always been a certain element intent on causing trouble, offending people intentionally and who never add anything of substance or value to any thread/post. tMP is no different, and we do have our very small share of these troublesome members.

We are now aware that for some, these posts are detracting from your online experience and enjoyment of tMP. In an attempt to improve the enjoyment of your tMP experience, we are revising our Moderating policy regarding how we deal with these people. Up to now with these issues we have been totally pragmatic and fair, incredibly tolerant and understanding, and behind the scenes we have ensured that appropriate due process is taken to assure the correct action is taken.

Enough is enough and we are now going to deal with these troublemakers in a far shorter time period. Please bear with us as we strive to further improve your online experience of tMP. In the meantine and as ever, please feel free to contact myself or one of the Moderators if you wish to discuss any inappropriate, offensive or misguided content.

Many thanks for your support.


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Personally, I consider that the level of censorship applied here is about right thus far - compared to other previously existing online brass band discussion facilities, the twin pitfalls of nannying and abdicating responsibility have been very successfully avoided. It is inappropriate to discuss specific cases here, but it seems to me that severe action, when taken, has been seen to be the vast majority to be merited, whereas other instances that an over-cautious regime might have picked up on, have been allowed to wend their eventually harmless ways, to the net benefit of mutual trust between all parties.

Not making any real point here, just urging caution in this - if carried only a little distance too far, it could dampen the whole spirit of tMP...


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Good point well made Dave, and we certainly hear what you say :tup

I agree 100% that the last thing we want to do here is dampen the whole spirit of tMP and of course, we will most certainly try to avoid that. The main change in Moderating policy is in the time taken for the team/staff to deal with these troublesome issues. Presently, we have a not-so-tight system that, given the way the tMP Moderator team works, sometimes takes longer to deal with issues than perhaps it ought to.

This area is indeed the area we are looking to improve how we work. Our background processes will be amended and improved in an attempt to speed up the manner in which we deal with troublemakers, which as far as we can tell, can only serve to benefit everyones online tMP experience.

Thanks for your positive comments re tMP thus far, and for your continuing support.


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I wanted to add my opinion after observing tMP quite frequently for... IDK... 5 months or so now.

While no system can be 100% effective, I greatly respect the job you have done. (I remember when I received my first edited post, I was a bit shocked, but) what I have come to realize is that all the tMP moderators are not being overly sensitive, nor too casual. They are ALWAYS acting in what they believe to be in the best interest of tMP. That is a fact everybody has to respect !!

Well done tMP mods :tup

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