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Hi All

As some of you probably know, there has been a spate of W32 worms, viruses and other malicious scripts propagating around the internet recently, and I am certain we have all received emails containing these annoying and potentially dangerous critters.

It is apparent also, that there seems to be a new wave of MSN account hackers making concerted attempts to get into peoples MSN accounts. I am advised that MSN accounts are not that secure, and can be hacked into relatively easily. If you keep information within your MSN account such as forum registrations, or password lists - anyone who hacks your MSN account can then get access to whatever www sites you are a member of.

With this in mind can I ask that you do several things to prevent hackers from accessing your private information:

  • 1 - Use an up-to-date AntiVirus programme such as Sophos or McAfee. We have a member of the Sophos team as a member here on tMP - I will speak with him to see what we can do (maybe you could get in touch with me via PM please):)
    2 - If you use MSN - change your password regularly and don't use one that could be easily figured out. Don't use 'fido' or 'benji' or another common name for the answer to your password reminder pets name question (for example). Use something that no-one could work out.
    3 - Don't use the same password on MSN as you do an any forums you are members of
    4 - Change your password on tMP each month and as (2), don't use the same password as your MSN account.

These guidelines are for advice, and are to help you avoid any of your accounts being compromised.

I can assure you that tMP is totally secure. I as Admin can't even access or see your passwords at all. They are "one-way MD5 encrypted" which is a very secure method of protecting passwords.

Please amend your passwords regularly and do please keep these guidelines in mind. Thanks.


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*changes MSN password*
You've gone an made me all nervous now :-(
I think i'll change my secret answer aswell just incase...See i'm a good girl :D

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