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Hi All

I received this email recently and am wondering if anyone out there might be able to help out here.... cheers...

My name is Pat Misson, living in Brisbane Australia, born in Bolton, Lancs. England and writing with the hope that someone might be able to advise on the location of records of people connected with brass banding in the U.K. in the mid 1800's.

I recently commenced researching my family's history and learned that my, one John Smith, declared his profession as Bandmaster on the wedding certificate of his son, John Smith, in Manchester 1875.

My family has long been connected with brass bands - my father, Horace Smith and his brother William (Billy) Smith both played in brass bands all their lives in Lancashire, in the 1940's and 1950's my father with Besses O' The Barn, and Wingates Temperance on Euphonium, and his brother Billy on cornet for Fairie Aviation. My father was still playing before our departure for Australia in 1955. Because of my family's lifetime connection with brass banding, it would be nice to be able to confirm that the description of Bandmaster quoted by my ancestor John Smith was in reference to brass banding.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions that might be able to be offered by your members.

Regards Pat Misson

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