tMP Grand Annual Dinner and Dance Mega Blowout type thing...

tMP Grand Annual Dinner and Dance Mega Blowout type thing...

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I'm interested, but it depends when it is (as I have quite far to travel) and whether I can find someone to take me :wink:

Liz Courts

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sugarandspice said:
.....think we need some blokes first liz..... :D dont want to be too hasty! :D

I was tempted to say something in response to that, but decided against it...!! :D

flugelgal said:
and whether I can find someone to take me :wink:

So we need dates for this thing then?! Hmmm... :D


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Naruco said:
x_lizc_x said:
So we need dates for this thing then?! Hmmm... :D

Oh boy... that'll be a challenge! :lol:

At the risk of people throwing things at me- think i should say that this sort of thing will need lots of planning-especially which outfit and shoes to wear! :D :D :D :D



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:D :D :D :D :D :D


Wow! It's great to see such an immidiate and positive response :D

(Thanks Peter for making this a sticky as requested :wink:)

Regarding the date - I reckon it'll take at least three months to get this sorted out, which puts it in September. Obviously we need to avoid contest dates and the like, and I think it may be worth leaving a few weeks either side of Pontins, as there seems to be a movement to do some kind of social there. (Not going myself - unless anyone needs a flugel player :) ). Personally (not spoken to Bex about this) I like the idea of a birthday bash - especially as tMP was born the day after my Birthday and I might be able to pretend you're all out celebrating for me! :wink: . Not sure that Christmas is a good idea though - I know I've got evey weekend in December booked already and I think most people on here will be in the same boat.

The venue is the other thing we need to sort before too long. I have a couple of ideas myself but if you have any thoughts they would be most welcome. Lynchie mentioned the CiN hotel - what was it like? Is it suitable?

I just want to say that this is icklesop's idea despite me posting it up on here, so she should get any credit due - I just happened to be the person daft (and drunk) enough to kick start the idea.

But generally it sonds like it might be a goer.....

So keep the posts and feedback coming.....


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the hotel we stayed at for CiN was fine, I just can't remember what it was called... I would imagine that Birmingham is not particularly popular with holiday makers in Autumn/Winter (if indeed it's ever popular with holiday makers...) so if we got it together early enough and made our bookings, we could probably fit a good few people in... and of course breakfast is included in the price of the room, which is a bonus if you can wake up in time... :wink:


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neiltwist said:
It's called the britania, what exactly is it we're looking for? Somewhere to sit down and eat?

Yeah, I reckon the best thing to do is to find somewhere that does wedding receptions etc. If that place happens to be a hotel then so much the better. That way we can do the "do" in one place and people can stagger back to their rooms without having to worry about transport. We might even get a discount on the room rate, or the meal if we block book..... :) [/quote]


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by the looks of it, the britannia function rooms will do quite nicely, but it all depends what you're looking for. it's not really ball material.


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depends how much u want to pay...proper sit down meal with hotel will prolly knock you back at least £60 a person, and then theres the room that will need decorating *which is not included in the meal* so add another couple of quid... DJ will cost maybe £100-150 depending if you get a shit one or not, so add a another £5er to that... then there's the cost of transport to get people there, obviously which they will have to pay themselves.... for me that will be about £25 quid to get there on the train!! Good luck with it tho! 8)


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This is indeed a great thread and a fantastic idea, and is one I personally am really enthusiastic about. The tMP team have already started to discuss this in detail and are prepared to investigate the possibilities of officially endorsing and helping to organise such a function.

I am sure you will all appreciate why tMP feels the need to become involved in this type of activity - it's because it simply reflects on tMP as a whole.

There is a lot to consider here re: geographical location and logistics, costs, theme for the evening etc. as I am sure you already appreciate, tMP obviously needs to give the stamp of official approval if the name of tMP is to be used at such an event. I wonder if Ian and Becki might contact me please via email or PM with a view to discussing how to take this forward.


lets just go macdonalds or pizza hut...then i duno where afrterwards!!

I'll go if my brother is going. I'm too shy to go by myself! :oops:

Naomi McFadyen

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yea and it's annoying... bad enough when we go to McDonalds before uni band concerts in our black trousers, jackets and white shirts! :lol:


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