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Hi everyone... many thanks to everyone who answered the recent poll regarding tMP Promotional gear - your comments were very much appreciated... I have now made all the necessary arrangements to get these items ready, I have artwork designed and suppliers ready to deliver the goods!! I'm nearly ready to get them printed and I am now very close to being able to offer these products to you all through a new and incredibly exciting feature here on tMP.

You will be able to order t-shirts, polo-shirts and other goodies - you can even get your name and/or tMP Username printed on them as well.... great for those tMP band events...:)

Here's a taster of the t-shirts for you... as you can see, I had these done for our Moderator friend Mr Keppler ...



Just around the corner - in fact, possibly just a day or so away - is the all new tMP eShop feature. At tMP eShop not only will you be able to get hold of tMP Goodies, but you will be able to buy and sell any of your own goods, products and services.

Band/Charity Examples: Bands may wish to sell an unused set of Band Jackets or any second hand instruments. By contracting with us at tMP eShop, we will advertise, market and promote your goods on tMP eShop for either a fixed duration or until they are sold !!!

Business Examples: Businesses or Publishers may wish to sell music, intstruments, gig-gear or services through tMP eShop. As in the example above, we will advertise, market and promote your goods/services on tMP eShop for any duration... to your requirements... good news all round!!

So, please watch this space and look out for a new button soon to be appearing at the top of the page... :)

Gosh, for no other reason that this has taken so much time, sweat and effort to get up-and-running (ask my wife!!! - she's not seen me for weeks :? ), I really do hope this is a success!!!! ... :?



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John, I have no doubt it will be a success. T-shirts are looking great!

The promotional goodies are a great way of raising cash to cover your costs, and enable those of us who are currently unable to sponsor the site via the banner system to at least contribute towards the great work you and your mods are doing.

Well done.


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I'd say that it looks even better worn, but that might be immodest! ;)
(and untrue)

Seriously guys, tis an excellent job, so I'd recommend them in an instant!


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can we get the username a bit bigger and on the back of the shirt, cos they would look like any other shirt from the back and its bit hard to see from a distance


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Nadia said:
can we get the username a bit bigger and on the back of the shirt, cos they would look like any other shirt from the back and its bit hard to see from a distance

Hi nadia

Yup - can do that sir! - I'll include another option on the tMP eShop product selection screen.... ooops... you haven't seen it yet eh!! :) Final testing, shouldn't be long!


Tell you what John, the T-Shirts look great, so you bet I'll be ordering one. And I can't wait to seee what else you have 'in store' (excuse the pun) for us!!!!
Not sure I'll go for the T-shirt myself (I'm not a big logo's fan) but I am certainly looking forward to seeing what other Nik-Naks are in store.


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I will certainly have a "virtual wander" round the tmp shop, though I may have to write an IOU if I want to buy anything! :wink:
The logos look great.


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And very good it looks to Mr MusicMan! :D Its the one we've all been waiting for..

I'm've got a bestseller list up already! :lol: :shock:


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I love! When I get paid next week I shall come here to buy all my goodies!

Do you do mini sizes so Beaker can have one too???

Rach x

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