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What dya think about a tMP contest

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Great idea! I'd definately be up for it- bit torn about what region i'd be though. Just have to see where (if!) i'm wanted! :?


Roger Thorne said:
Bagsy conducting the tMP band from the Yorkshire Region!!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Who do I play for then.

I live in the Midlands but play for a Yorkshire band.

Dilemma I feel.


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Got that problem too, live in Yorkshire AND Northumberland but am signed to a Yorkshire band.

Until recently I would have had the choice of 3 areas, live in Yorkshire and Northern areas, played in Midlands band!!


Another yes here, and another Midlander. Looks like we're gonna have quite a band round here - come on Yorkshire and North West (or anyone else for that matter), where's the opposition?! :twisted:

No bidding for Keppler either - as a neutral, you should adjudicate :!:



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So, if Kepplers adjudicating and Rogers conducting all the bands :wink: that leaves the rest of the mods free for stewards duties. And don't forget, you're not aloud to close the bar at a tMP event until we say so :)


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oh dear - where does this leave the north east bands - not many offers here - is there a solo competition for the odd NE's!

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