tMP Composer's Competition

Have you / Will you be entering the tMP Composer's Competition?

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So then, How is everyone coming along with the competition?

Whoops, Could the Mods possibly add the poll option
No Chance! I'll stick to playing the damn things
and get rid of the [ b ] and [ /b ], please


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Considering my last composition (Danny Boy in a Carribean/Samba/March style) was so universally slated for the shockingly low quality of the arrangement, I have retired from the world of composition, never to return!

Naomi McFadyen

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I have one on the cards, as it were...
It is complete but not sure if I'm entering it for the comp or not... still time to decide or get a better one written though

Will the Sec

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Okiedokie of Oz said:

He writes good tuba parts!!!

Nah, I'm not knocking him! Anyone who needed a tuba that was 7'6" tall with a 39" inch bell is alright in my book......

Dave Payn

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Was going to but time is running out. Being an arranger rather than a trained composer, my muse is struggling (a phrase often voiced by illiterate cats who've lost their voices...). I think of ideas, but they end up being snatches of other composers works (just call me Andrew Lloyd Webber....) I'm comfortable scoring for the brass medium but rather like my humour, I can't think of anything original! ;-)

I'll keep trying!

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