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Here is a copy of the message posted in thread just incase anyone missed it in the auditorium. Please reply and vote in main event thread

follow this link event: update!

As some of you know us mods spent the weekend last week in Sunny Wem with the lovely Wem Jubilee Band. Not only did we get the chance listen to Rogers 'hilarius' comparing, we also had a very long meeting (well done to themusicboy for sitting through it!).

Some of the original members will remember some mention of a event to be happening in the near future. This was one of the main points on the agenda. You may have thought things have gone quiet on that front, but do not despair, us mods have been working like busy bees to get the show on the road!

What is event?
The basis of the plan is the chance for members of to get together and to perform. This will be a charity event in aid of the BBC Children in Need appeal. We have been working hard to make this as high profile as possible.

John, TheMusicMan, has been in contact with the BBC who are very interested in our ideas. Unfortunately the BBC do not organise the event until August. This means we cannot plan the final details until then but it was decided to post about the event ASAP. This gives us a chance to gauge interest and to give as much notice as possible to members.

Who can take part?
To take part in the event you need to be a registered member of We will not be auditioning for places in band, within the ethos of players of all abilities and backgrounds are encouraged to take part. Positions in the band will be decided by the tMP team and our say will be final. We do, although, reserve the right to audition for solo positions if we have a great interest in this. [Please note: members under the age of 18 will need consent from parent/guardians].

How much will it cost?

The event will be to raise money for BBC children in Need appeal. It will be expected that all participants have a minimum sponsorship of £10 (the bigger sponsorship the better!). As I am sure you will appreciate, It costs money to organise an event such as this. All sponsorship minius the minimum organisation costs will be sent collectively to the BBC from ''.

Where will it take place?
The final destination will be a joint decision made with the BBC but we aim to make the venue as central as possible e.g. Birmingham BBC studios.

When will this all be happening?
The date will be 21st November 2003. Put this is your diaries....!

What happens now?

As i said earlier we need to gauge the interest in the event. We would be very grateful if you would answer the poll. Note: This in no way commits you to taking part in the event! It will just give us an idea of the number of members interesting in event. This poll will be open until the 31st July allowing to collaborate with the BBC during August to arrange the finer details.

Interested members will then be invited to complete a form to register their interest in the event. This form will be available to download from the site.

These members will be sent an information pack which contains
* Sponsorship form
* A copy of the rules and regulations
* Consent form

Members wishing to participate will be expected to return the forms, along with a cheque for the minimum £10 sponsorship to themouthpiece.comby a set date.

Hopefully this post will answer any questions you may have about the event. If you would like anymore information feel free to post on the site, PM or email me on
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