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Here’s the latest information we have regarding the tMP CiN event tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for your interest in this, we are looking to raise quite possibly a massive amount for CiN – maybe even close to the £2,000 mark – who knows? And it is all down to you folk, thanks a million to you all for your generosity and support.

I would also like to thank all my tMP colleagues without whose help and support this event may never have even got off the ground. Neal, Roger, Ian, Peter, Rachel and Dyl – thanks to you all. I am sure though that our other Mods won’t mind my drawing your special attention to our very own Mr Roger Thorne who has been a remarkable help in getting things prepared for the event. He has been fabulous, thank you Roger.

Feedback: some good, some not so good!

We have all been very busy getting the tMP CiN event sorted. When we first contacted the BBC we discussed things such as the numbers of players we could provide, what we could do for them and where the band could play etc, it has been very difficult for the BBC to finalise everything as they have so much going on. But we now have some confirmation of when and where etc.

The main Outside Broadcast BBC Midlands event for Children in Need is taking place this year in Stoke, they have had this planned for many months with concerts by pop stars and celebrities etc and it was not possible for us to play at that event. The BBC are however, as you know, doing an outside broadcast event from the Mailbox in Birmingham and it is here that we have been invited to play. They are not expecting massive crowds and are really only providing this as a potential ‘drop off’ point for people making donations to the charity etc. and to do some TV and Radio pre-recordings of people who have raised money, or organisations such as tMP where we have done something unusual to raise money for CiN. These recordings will be aired during the course of evening.

I have also been contacted by a PR Management company who have asked us to play as a group immediately after the BBC TV recording session - which is great news as the numbers of players required for the BBC recordings are limited (due to fire regulations and limited space available in the areas allocated inside and outside the Mailbox for our performances). This means that we will all be able to play as a group and everyone will have a chance to play.

Here's their PR Press Release

OK, here’s the current schedule;

Rehearsal on steps just outside the Mailbox. Not sure of the numbers permitted to play so we might be restricted. We will alternate players if this is the case.

10 players required for BBC West Midlands Radio broadcast. Roger will advise of players and music tomorrow. Apologies about the limitation on numbers – we do have to work within the constraints of what the BBC and the Mailbox permit. I am informed there is simply not enough room to accommodate more people where the Radio recording is taking place.

3:30 – 4:30
This is as yet unconfirmed but we may be able to play for an hour at possibly two locations (i.e. 2 bands) within the Mailbox. We have arranged for two sets of music to be available should this be the case, though we may also be allowed to play as one larger group.
NB: I have been asked by the management of the Mailbox to mention that his will be decided tomorrow afternoon when we are all present.

5:00 – 5:30
BBC TV Pre-recording on the front steps of the Mailbox. Again we may be restricted to limited numbers given fire regulations etc. We will be advised by BBC staff tomorrow.

5:30 – late
Concert with All of tMP Band in Centenary Square, Birmingham. I have been contacted by a PR Management company asking if we can play as a group here for as long as we can. This is just a short ¼ mile walk from the Mailbox. The PR company is promoting “The World’s largest transportable observation wheel’ and is expecting crowds of people to attend. A lady is doing a ‘David Blayne’ type of stunt in the observation wheel for CiN and the PR Company have promoted the event throughout the local press and media.

Late – later
tMP Social and well deserved beers!!!

So, I hope this is Ok for everyone, it has taken a lot of effort to put together and once again I thank you all for your help and support in making this happen. It simply wouldn’t happen without you all. Thank you.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow, let’s have a fab time, enjoy ourselves and hope we can collect a massive amount to CiN for under privileged children eh…


Roger Thorne

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Just a quick reminder for those taking part in CiN later today!

Don’t forget:

Uniform: Please wear your normal Band Uniform including Concert Jackets.
As we are now performing for an hour or so in the evening it might be advisable to bring a warmer coat or jacket.
Could you also bring a Music Stand, Stand Banner/Drape, Lyre, Bass Straps and a handfull of Pegs!

(These will not be provided)

Have a safe journey.

PS: Can anyone bring a small radio so that we can listen to John's Interview and the Band.



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:cry: Will watch BBC all evening just to get a glimpse of you all.
Do you want an adjudication? :wink:


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Just saw you guys on Midlands News as promised, and from the 1 second clip it sounded like you were playing Floral Dance? :p

John looked a bit chilly standing next to Pudsey, hope you didn't get any cream pie over you! :)

Look forward to the full review when you get back from the pub...


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Nothing in East Midlands :?
Can you get a recording from the BBC of you guys, and then let us tMPers somehow get hold of it to see how you guys did? Just a thought...


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It was on the local Midlands news where i live, not this national thing theyve got with terry wogan so if you dont get bbc midlands then youve missed it!
shouldve put my video on really thinking about it...
Just got back home from the event after dropping TimBloke and No1Euph off.
Must be crazy - standing around in the cold all day and playing bass standing up with no strap.

Still I enjoyed myself
Lovely to meet everyone, fantastic cake Michelle, and thanks to everyone who had a hand in Organising the Event

Too tired to write anymore just now - off to bed for a well earned sleep


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Would you believe although we left at 11 o' clock last night we've just got home after a nightmare journey involving, fog, floods and accidents. I am now absolutely shattered. Thanks for organising everything John and thanks to Roger for all his hard work too. Off to bed now to try and get some sleep


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bleurgh-tired!! just got back 2hrs ago!! what a great weekend met sum great people thanx to mr music man and all mods it was a top weekend and thanx to you my pink hat now has the fame which it deserves!!! :)

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