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Should we open a tMP irc channel

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seeing as we have no real time chat program on the site.. what do you peeps reckon about setting up an irc (internet relay chat.. just a sortof chatroom) channel that we can all pop into from time to time to chat... all you would need is an irc client such as mIRC...
what do people reckon??


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I have been offered a room on the tiscali chat server. The IRCops say that it wont be a problem to move on there as long as people register their nicknames to make the required amount of room ops. Also they say the room can be invite only so that there wont be too many 'dodgy' people getting in there and causing havoc.
Feel free to pm me and I will give all the details. This is not a dodgy pick up line by the way. :oops:


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ok.. rite im setting a channel up.
when you have mIRC connect to any Quakenet server... (if you need any help, read the help files ;))
then once connected, type
/join #themouthpiece
into the command-line...
tadaaa :)


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when you have downloaded mirc... run it...
a box should come up, with the "connect" tab highlighted..

goto the "irc network" box.. and scroll down to select Quakenet...
then beneath it choose a server.. any will do, but UK will be faster
then hit connect to server beaneath it..
connection might take a minute..
once your connected a message of the day and a load of other tosh comes up, then type
/join #themouthpiece
then you're in :)


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This is all I get Aidan..

Your username is invalid.
Connect with your real username, in lowercase.

And I have done what it says


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